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Php Encoding

Php Encoding
PHP Desktop is an open source project founded by Czarek Tomczak.PHP Desktop is more of a GUI tool for converting your PHP web apps and PHP CLI tools to desktop applications with little effort. If you have a big PHP code base and want to reuse it on the desktop then it makes sense to use PHP Desktop.
In a certain sense phpdesktop acts as a PHP to EXE compiler. It embeds a web browser, a multi-threaded web server, and a PHP interpreter, all embedded into a single application, a single folder, a portable zip that you can easily distribute to end users (or optionally make it an installer). The web server embedded is a custom edition of Mongoose (the MIT-licensed version), a web server used by NASA on International Space Station. Supported browsers are Google Chrome. The package with Chrome embedded has no external dependencies, everything is included in the PHP desktop binaries and works out of the box on a user's computer. PHP Desktop actually embeds Chromium browser (using Chromium Embedded Framework to be specific) which is open source software on which Google Chrome is based, but for the sake of simplicity, we just call it Chrome or Google Chrome here.
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milkvr - Easy Sideloading via http (Windows OS)

I used the following to set up local sideloading for home use because I've only got a 32GB phone. It was easy to set up. The hardest part is setting up your milkvr URLs. Once you've got one set up though it's easy to copy and replace filenames.
1 - Download Mongoose Free Webserver.
2 - Launch the mongoose-free.exe. This will launch a web server from the directory that the exe is saved to so make sure you keep track of where you are launching it from.
3 - Download Kompozer or use your own HTML editing software. Kompozer is easy because it's got a WYSIWYG format for easy editing if you don't know html that well.
4 - In Kompozer, create an index.html file and save it in the same folder as your mongoose exe.
5 - Save your video(s) to the same folder.
6 - Set up your milkvr hyperlinks on your index.html. In Kompozer I simply created a list and then used the "Create Link" option. Your hyperlinks should format as follows:
In the example above, %3A = : (colon) and %2F = / (forward slash) will be replaced by the IP address of your PC.
videofilename_3dh.mp4 will be replaced by the filename of your video.
I like to set the &video_type=3dh but as long as it is part of the video's filename you should be fine.
For specifics on Sideloading URLs and video types, check out the Milk VR FAQs
7 - On your phone, browse to your server (in the example above, Click the link for the video you want to watch.
8 - When prompted to plug your phone in to the GearVR, plug it in and MilkVR will launch and start playing your video.
If you want to change the port for the webserver, it can be changed in the advanced settings in Mongoose. Also note, Mongoose runs from the system tray once launched.
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EasyPHP Webserver 14.1 beta 1 Auto Trader Web - Binary Trading - Beginners - YouTube MERN Stack & GraphQL - #5 MongoDB and Mongoose Using Mongoose/MongoDB in a web app in WebStorm AUTO TRADER WEB - AUTO TRADING BINARY OPTIONS IML Web Analyzer - Using the Web Analyzer for Binary Options! Binary Options - When to Enter Trades - YouTube Best Binary Options Broker For USA Traders In 2020 $5 To ... Binary Auto Trader Review including VPS Best 5 Minutes Binary Options Strategy 2020 - The BLW 5 ...

Download Mongoose - An efficient and reliable software utility designed to function as a web server, providing users with numerous configuration options Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library Commercial License Benefits. The right to develop and modify the software to embed in your own products ; Ability to redistribute your products with Mongoose Library included; Option to access Software Maintenance & Support for updates, upgrades and technical support; Our license model is simple and includes full access to source code and accompanying ... Name. mongoose - lightweight web server Synopsis. mongoose [config_file] [OPTIONS] . mongoose -A htpasswd_file domain_name user_name password Description. mongoose is small, fast and easy to use web server with CGI, SSL, MD5 authorization, and basic SSI support.. mongoose does not detach from terminal, and uses current working directory as the web root, unless -r option is specified. 最近有个奇葩的需求,需要用C++去实现一个Http Server。用Java或者其他语言去实现Http Server是一件很简单的事,但用C++去实现我就闻所未闻了(当然主要是我也没写过C++嘛)。于是去搜索了一把,不少人推荐mongoose,在实际使用中遇到了不少的坑。使用方式使用mongoose只需要将mongoose.h和mongoose.c引入即可。 mongoose - lightweight web server SYNOPSIS [config_file] [OPTIONS] -A htpasswd_file domain_name user_name password DESCRIPTION is small, fast and easy to use web server with CGI, SSL, MD5 authorization, and basic SSI support. does not detach from terminal, and uses current working directory as the web root, unless -r option is specified. It is possible to specify multiple ports to listen on ... If no arguments are given, mongoose searches for a configuration file called "mongoose.conf" in the same directory where mongoose binary is located. Alternatively, a file name could be specified in the command line. Format of the configuration file is the same as for the command line options except that each option must be specified on a separate line, leading dashes for option names must be ... mongoose是一款非常容易使用的web服务器,实现了对socket的封装,它提供给我们的接口非常简洁,并且能提供很好的性能。几个重要的结构: struct mg_context 服务器上下文,保存着服务器的配置信息。每个mg_context都代表一个服务器。 Mongoose - GitHub's most popular embedded web server and multi-protocol networking library . DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE . VIEW CASE STUDIES. DOWNLOAD PRE-BUILT BINARY. WHITE PAPER. 9 Things NOT to do when embedding a web server Connectivity is vital for software and embedded devices, but there are many pitfalls to consider when embedding a web server. This white paper breaks down on the top 9 things ... Build options. Mongoose source code ships in a single .c file that contains functionality for all supported protocols (modules). Modules can be disabled at compile time which reduces the executable's size. That can be done by setting preprocessor flags. Also, some preprocessor flags can be used to tune internal Mongoose parameters. To set a preprocessor flag during compile time, use the -D ... Most of the information I have found is in regards to using the pre-compiled binary release, so I am a bit stumped right now. Any help would be fantastic! c++ webserver mongoose-web-server. share follow edited Jan 4 '13 at 14:10. JohnnyHK. 253k 51 51 gold badges 537 537 silver badges 424 424 bronze badges. asked Aug 8 '11 at 11:48. user470760 user470760. add a comment 2 Answers Active ...

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EasyPHP Webserver 14.1 beta 1

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